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I want to tell you the story of Papirus.


In 1968, we went to the store in Kadıköy Bazaar as a paper wholesaler.

We are field of paper and OPP Bags.

Papirus Paper is now one of the leading and innovative OPP Bags companies in İstanbul, Turkey.

Our headquarters is in Istanbul-Altunizade for the last 15 years.

In the packaging sector, our specialty is paper bags and flexible packaging.

Our factory was established in Konya to be close to the producers of our first customers.

For the last 32 years, we produce coffee, flour, tea, cacao, nuts, herbs and coffee bags .

We print custom graphic designs for our customers and produce the bags they want with the desired sizes.

Some of our customers in Turkey are Çaykur, Nestle, Ülker, Selvan, Söke …



In 2000s, we realized that we could not provide service to many of our customers because of the minimum order quantity of 100.000 units. Due to the speed of our state-of-the-art machines, producing less than 100,000 pieces of equipment could not reflect to our customers, but it still cost them.

However, the demand of many customers does not exceed 1000 credits. And so we established Packempire.com…


Our goal with its online store is; create a system that allows you to get to it faster and that you can easily order your 24/7 packaging orders.


Is it your first time on PACKEMPIRE.com  or you are not too proficient with e-commerce?

No problem, shopping on PACKEMPIRE.COM is simple and safe!

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Papirus Paper, specializes in film processing, offers packaging solutions from a wide variety of flexible media.

Particularly adapted to the packaging of confectionery, chocolates, biscuits, sugared almonds, our cardboard bottom bags, flat bags with or without bellows, SOS bags as well as our "diamond ©" bags will meet your needs.

With our modern and powerful printing tools, you can shape your packaging according to your imagination.

You can contact our team to learn more about our offer.

There are several options in type bags which we can achieve in any format. The material you can decide, and the thickness of the film, any coating, printing, or even a laminate, for example, paper and aluminum. Our machines are digitally revised permit work very precisely adjusted and finally a constant quality can be guaranteed.

Packempire.com offers its customers a variety of "colorful, practical and stylish" alternatives that are constantly being refreshed and increasing in variety.


Do not leave your packaging choice to chance…


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